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Check out the 90's Music PLAYLISTS.  90's Music Playlists make it easy to find songs to download. Find mp3 downloads of all your favorite 90's music on the artist pages. By clicking an itunes link, you will open the itunes store where you can find all of your favorite 90's songs & 90's music. In addition to listing all the chart topping artists of the 1990's, pages have been added to group music by any style. At this time, there are pop, dance and rock playlists. More playlists will be added soon with variations in styles to make it easier for you to find the perfect blend of 90's music. Also be sure to check out the Top 100 songs in the 90's by year.

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The entire decade is put together like never before. Every artist who had a 90's hit from Aaliyah to Zhane is included in this retrospective look back at 90's music which defined the decade.90's Music & Top 100 90's Songs

From A to Z, each90's Music & Top 100 90's Songs artist is listed with their biggest hits in top 40 90's music. The original cover for the single released is provided if available. 90's music saw a shift in how music was made available. The 45 rpm had been phased out by the cassette single, or cassingle, during the begining of the decade. By the mid 90's, the CD single had become the industry standard for purchasing songs. Eventually, that too gave way as labels only released several on albums. Because of this, Billboard even conformed the Hot 100 to allow a song to be eligible to chart based on radio airplay. In the past, a single could only chart if it was commercially available. By the end of the decade, multiple songs released for airplay only began to drive album sales upwards for 90's artists like  Shania Twain , Alanis Morissette and The Wallflowers. Digital downloading eventually became the means of purchasing songs and the retail single was no longer viable in the open market.



Overall, the variety of 90's music that charted is quite overwhelming. As the 90's began, pop music began to fade. The New Kids on the Block Paula Abdul and  Taylor Dayne were among some of the stars who scored pop gems of that type. Of course, the pop sound returned by the end of the decade with acts like  *NSYNC , Britney Spears and The  Backstreet Boys . Freestyle artists, The  Cover Girls , Linear and Stevie B , saw their genre fade in the early 90's. Hair bands like  Warrant , Winger  and Poison were replaced with an edgier form of rock. Nirvana , Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins a90's Music & Top 100 90's Songsnd Stone Temple Pilots would bring a new sound to 90's music. Alternative rock rose to the top of the charts. Early in the decade,  Billy Ray Cyrus and  Restless Heart crossed on to the pop charts from the country charts. Before long,Tim McGraw , Faith Hill  and Lonestar were regular acts on top 40 radio. Many Christian acts broke into the pop market. Amy GrantMichael W. Smith and Kathy Troccoli found themselves with major top 40 hits. Rap proved that it was not a passing phase. Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer eased the way for acts like the Notorious B.I.G. and Ice Cube. With so much variety, 90's songs & 90's music filled the top 40 with a little bit of everything.

From 90's music one hit wonders Positive K and Duncan Sheik, to the megastars Christina Aguilera , Britney Spears,  and Mariah Carey, they are all here. 

Enjoy all the wonderful 90's music.

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