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Natural Selection "Do Anything"

Natural Selection
"Do Anything"
Album: Natural Selection
Label: EastWest
Billboard Chart Position #2 1991
Natural Selection, a duo from Minneapolis, consisted of Elliot Erikson & Frederick Thomas. Thomas provided vocals for "Do Anything," as well as "Hearts Don't Think (They Feel)," which charted the following year. Erikson provided played the keyboards on the track. Niki Harris, a consistent backing vocalist to Madonna, contributed the female vocals on the track. The song was stalled for 2 weeks at the #2 spot. Blocking it from reaching the top of the chart was Mariah Carey's "Emotions."
Vanessa Williams
 "Just For Tonight"
 Album: The Comfort Zone
 Label: Wing/Mercury
 Billboard Chart Position #26 1992
"Just For Tonight" was the follow up single to Vanessa Williams' #1 hit "Save The Best For Last." The single was the fourth and final track from her album The Comfort Zone to crack the top 40. In the late 80's and early 90's, Williams had risen above her resignation as Miss USA and her silky voice earned her a total of 13 Grammy nominations for her recordings. Williams has released a total of 7 studio albums. In the mid to late 90's, Williams starred in several movies which were highly successful at the box office. Among them were Eraser and Soul Food. Since 2006, Williams has portrayed Wilhelmina Slater on ABC's "Ugly Betty."
Ini Kamoze
 "Here Comes The Hotstepper"
 Soundtrack: Pret-A-Porter (Ready To Wear)
 Album: Here Comes The Hotstepper
Label: Columbia
 Billboard Chart Position #1 1994
Ini Kamoze was a true one hit wonder with his single "Here Comes The Hotstepper." The song rose to #1 in December of 1994, knocking Boyz II Men's "On Bended Knee" off the top spot. It remained at #1 for two weeks until it was replaced by TLC's "Creep." The single was featured in the film Pret-A-Porter (Ready To Wear) which starred Julia Roberts. Throughout the video, clips from the film can be seen. Roberts appears in various clips as well as her co-stars Forest Whitaker, Kim Basinger, Lyle Lovett, Lauren Bacall and Tim Robbins, among others. The song became a fashion show staple as a result of it's connection with the movie, and it became a dance floor classic.

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 "Rump Shaker"
  Album: Hard Or Smooth
Label: MCA
 Billboard Chart Position #2 1992
"Check baby, Check baby, 1, 2, 3, 4" became an anthem in the Summer of 1992 when Teddy Riley's Wreckx-N-Effect released "Rump Shaker." The song was a huge success and was only prevented from hitting #1 by Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You." Despite a total of three albums released during the 90's, "Rump Shaker" was the group's sole top 40 single. The song incorporated New Jack Swing, a style also popularized by the likes of Bell Biv DeVoe, Ralph Tresvant and Father MC.
Tracie Spencer
 "This House"
  Album: Make The Difference
Label: Capitol
 Billboard Chart Position #3 1991

Long before American Idol, there was Star Search. In 1987, Tracie Spencer proved that the show was capable of launching careers. Case in point, Tracie Spencer. At the tender age of 11, Spencer won the competition and was signed to Capitol records, making her the youngest female singer ever signed to a label. Her first top 40 hit came with 1988's "Symptoms of True Love" which peaked at #38. Three years later, "This House" soared to #3, giving her the biggest hit of her career. Spencer would not score a major top 40 hit again until 1999 with "It's All About You (Not About Me)". Presently, Spencer is taking a break from the industry, but don't be suprised if she repeats her 1999 return to the charts in the future.


Deadeye Dick "New Age Girl"

Deadeye Dick
 "New Age Girl"
 Soundtrack: Dumb And Dumber
Label: Ichaban
 Billboard Chart Position #27 1994
As Alternative music rose in popularity, few acts actually charted in on the pop charts from the genre. Acts like Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots were highly album oriented. The singles they releases fared well on radio, but that alone could not get songs climbing the Billboard Hot 100 song. To qualify, the single would need to be commercially available. It was the motion picture soundtrack that would help get singles like "New Age Girl" onto the charts. Soundtracks like Reality Bites, Benny & Joon and Dumb And Dumber served as platforms for relatively unknown alternative acts like Lisa Loeb, The Proclaimers and Deadeye Dick.
Deadeye Dick was formed in 1991 by Caleb Guillotte, Mark Adam Miller and
Billy Landry. As a group, they disbanned by 1996. In that six year period, "New Age Girl" was the only single became nationally successful for the band. Currently, Guillotee and Miller remain active in the New Orleans music scene, and on occassion, come together creatively.

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