90's Music Hits

90's Music Hits! The biggest songs of the 90's.

90's MUSIC

Remembering the biggest hits of the 90's

90's Pop / 90's Rock / 90's R&B / 90's Rap / 90's Alternative / 90's Dance /90's Country

90's Music Playlists

Below are various playlists based on the biggest hits of the 90's. Each playlist only includes an artist or group one time, unless they appear as part of a collaboration with another artist. All playlists include only the singles that were available commercially, unless the playlist is a "Radio" playlist. The "Radio" playlists feature singles that were not commercially released, and could be found on an album, or heard on the radio. Keep checking back, as more playlists will be added regularly.

90's Dance Music Playlists

90's Dance Club Music Playlist

90's Mellow Dance Music Playlist

90's Classic Dance Hits Playlist

90's Pop Music Playlists

90's Pop Hits Playlist

90's Love Songs Playlist

90's Alternative Pop Hits Playlist

90's Rock Music Playlists

90's Rock Gems Music Playlist

90's Rock Ballads Playlist 

90's Alternative Radio Hits Playlist

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